Access arrangements

We offer a full suite of any GCSE & A Levels access arrangements requirements.

A range of Access Arrangements for GCSE and A level exams are available. To comply with the equlities act 2010. Be it extra time, readers, scribes, use or computer or breaks. Do note, with our partners we now offer Access Arranagements online.

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About Access Arrangements:

The Challenge GCSE and a level JCQ regulated Exam boards have is to be accessible to the widest part of society.

There is a developed practice of improving access for pupils and candidates that would not otherwise be able to well served in the exams with the standard exam offering.

The Exam House is a private candidate exam centre

Access arrangements are pre examination consideration and adjustment for candidates focussed on the evidence and normal way of working.

We work with SENCo qualified teachers. Who have a range of qualifications. Including those who hold Professional and Associate Membership of The British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA). Plus  Level 7 PGCertEd: Working with Children with Literacy Difficulties. 

Our exam centre is:

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ACCA Exam centre

The Exam house Exam Centre has excellent disabled access

Access Arrangements
Aylesbury exams GCSE & A Level centre

Delegated to centres

jcq - Access Arrangements

Access arrangements will give pupils and candidates with disabilities, special educational needs or temporary injury to access the exams without changing the make up of the exam.

Eg. Scribes for help with writing, Readers for those who struggle with reading and braille question papers. Computer based exams for word processing.

The whole exercise is designed to comply with the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘Reasonable adjustments’.

The Equality act 2010 requires awarding bodies to make reasonable Access Arrangements where the disabled person would not be substantially disadvantaged in the exam.

The Reasonable adjustment for one particular person maybe totally unique and not listed in the list of available access arrangements. Including how reasonable to adjustment is will depend on a wide consideration of the needs of the exam candidate.

Access Arrangements exam candidates

The limits of reasonable adjustments include unreasonable costs, time frames or the integrity or security of the exam.

Access Arrangements GCSE A level

Special considerations in Access arrangements include adjustment on the final grade to reflect the temporary injury, illness or other imposition at the time of the exam.

Access Arrangements GCSe pupils

We have listed some of the JCQ guidance here on a blog post. We have an event to discuss Access Arrangements in Oct 2020. Please check out our Eventbrite page.