A-levels, AS and GCSEs will go ahead in 2022

A-levels, AS and GCSEs will go ahead in 2022. Though they will be a slightly different. For those who are new to the blog. We are a big fan of full wholesale change to computer based exams for GCSE and A levels.

Exams 2021

The changes follow the disruption to education during the past year 2021 and 2020.

While this years exams are based on teacher's grades.

The WJEC exam board will consult with teachers and lecturers next month before publishing details of how the qualifications will be adapted ahead of summer 2022.

Philip Blaker, chief executive of Qualifications Wales, said they were aware schools and colleges had to plan for their learners.

"We remain hopeful that examinations can go ahead next summer on these adapted qualifications, but we will monitor the evolving situation and have alternative plans for assessment ready to be implemented if there are significant periods of disruption," he said.