Can I defer my university place on results day

Can I defer my university place on results day?

You can ask, and this can technically be done up until the start date. Though the better you do this the better the chances would be they are going to accept. Course managers have their own problems with students deferring.


What if I get better A level grades that what I was previous expected to:

Ask yourself: would you still have selected the same course & university irrespective

While often it is the emphatic 'yes'. However, universities can provide adjustment that gives you the option to pick an alternative course which needs the higher grades.

Your Conditional offer:

Met and exceeded the terms of the conditional offer from your firm choice and you can then think about upgrading.

Until Wednesday 18 August 2021, you can look around for your ideal course.

You are under no obligation to reconsider!

If the answer is yes. Contact the university admissions office directly.

It will then appear in UCAS Track. Once you've confirmed this offer through UCAS Track, you'll lose your original choice.

If you only applied for one course in your original application, at the reduced rate of £20, you'll need to pay the extra £6 fee to be eligible to apply for the course.