Centre Assessed Grades as a private candidate

Centre Assessed Grades as a private candidate

There is lots of different advise out there for private candidates .the principle being that CAG are possible for private candidates. Otherwise known as predicted grades.

Below is paraphrasing form the Gov. web site. Essentially it depends on each organisation where the exams will be taking place.

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Our event on being Centre Assessed Grades as a private candidate!

The Exam House is a Private Candidate Exam Centre


Many exam centres worry that grading private candidates might adversely advect their own exam candidates.

However it operates on a subject level. While the standardisation process doesn’t affect across different subjects. So it is focussed on the each subject.

Each subject’s historical data and prior attainment of the exam candidates to judge whether the centre assessed grade is in line.

If an exam centre’s grades are judged to be more generous than expected in a subject, then they will be adjusted before the centres assessed grades are issued.

The rank order will not change.

The aim of the results is at a national level. With the grade distributions being broadly in line with other years.

Private candidates are included in the exam centres subject’s rank order. Were they feel they or their staff have seen sufficient evidence to make an objective judgement.

In most cases the standardisation model will mean the private candidates do not affect the grades of other exam candidates at the centre.

Teachers, head of centre and subjects need to focus on using their objective judgements as accurate as possible to reflect each candidate.

We have just added ofqual data about the volume of private candidates in the UK. Check it out here.