Computer based exams in scotland take a step closer

Computer based exams in scotland take a step closer

Scotland's secondary school exams including highers and advanced highers "are essentially an out-of-date 19th and 20th century technology” according to the The Scottish Government's International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA)

The ICEA are arguing that the COVID 19 pandemic should be used as a catalyst to start a fresh on exams.

They have suggested an alternative continuous self-assessment and exams. Which can be treated like driving licenses. Throughout the school year. This is something we have akin to we have been suggesting for a large tranche of GCSEs. Especially the foundation courses . While using computer based exams as this flexible solutions provider.

The ICEA argue this would be a better system than "a one-time, high-stress, win/lose moment" at the end of the academic year and said traditional exams have "long been seen as poor predictors of future university success."

John Swinney, the Scottish National Party’s Education Secretary, promised to "carefully" consider the idea in early 2021

The Tories with Jamie Greene, the Scottish Tories' Shadow Education Secretary, said the change was a "non-starter" and "rigorous exams is essential to giving pupils the brightest possible future." We think the Tories should be thinking about the flexibility as much as the rigour.