EU - UK free trade deal 2020 on qualifications and exams

EU - UK free trade deal 2020 on qualifications and exams

While this deal has just materialised. It is initially difficult to give guidance on the implications it has on similar level qualifications between the EU and the UK. While this will have a knock on effect on exams. With qualifications stemming from the exams. It is these exam sitting and passing that will give the chance or not the chance to work in the EU after the end of the transition period.

Here below is a few parts of the EU UK trade deal Christmas 2020.. which will have some implications on exams and qualifications.

31. Compensatory measures may take different forms, including: 

(a) a period of supervised practice of a regulated profession in the host Party, possibly accompanied by further training, under the responsibility of a qualified person and subject to a regulated assessment; 

(b) a test made or recognised by the relevant authorities of the host Party to assess the applicant’s ability to practice a regulated profession in that Party; or 

(c) a temporary limitation of the scope of practice; or a combination of those. 

32. The arrangement could envisage that a choice be given to applicants between different compensatory measures where this could limit the administrative burden for applicants and such