explore learning encourages more screen addiction

Mobile phones should be banned from schools because lockdown has affected children’s “discipline and order,” Gavin Williamson the education secretary has warned.

Gavin Williamson told The Telegraph phones should not be “used or seen during the school day”, though he said schools should make their own policies.

While we have high street tutorial firms like Explore learning that further encourage screen time.

Phones can act as a “breeding ground” for cyber-bullying and social media can damage mental health, he added.

Explore Learning High Street

"It’s now time to put the screens away, especially mobile phones," he wrote.

“Technology has been invaluable in keeping children learning during lockdowns and we support its use," he said.

“Outside the classroom, the use of mobile phones distracts from healthy exercise and good old-fashioned play.

“Worse, it acts as a breeding ground for cyber-bullying, and the inappropriate use of social media sites.

“While it is for every school to make its own policy, I firmly believe that mobile phones should not be used or seen during the school day, and will be backing head teachers who implement such policies.”

But government policy is that it is the responsibility of head teachers to determine whether this is appropriate..

'Phone addiction'

But half of parents support a ban on phones

Shile Ismaila, a parenting blogger said a ban would "avoid distractions and helps kids focus on work".

"Children spent more time than usual on their phones during the pandemic," she added.

"This was the main way to stay connected to peers which has more or less turned into an addiction now."

Mr Williamson also wrote about the need for discipline saying

“Although remote learning was a tremendous success in terms of enabling children to carry on with their lessons from home, the lack of regular structure and discipline will inevitably have had an effect on their behaviour,” he said.