Future of EHCP - an opinion

Future of EHCP - an opinion

This morning the Exam Blog had on the podcast. Discussing the future of EHCP and access arrangements with Nicola Redmayne.


Nicola discussed the challenges that Covid has bought to the EHCP programmes. Along with the struggling local authorities before the lock down. While some of the Children and Families Cct had to be suspended. So LA didn’t have duty but merely their best endeavours to provide provision for EHCP pupils.

Lots of catching up at the moment. The covid has done huge amount of loss of teaching. Remote learning may or may not of learning.

It is going to be a hard 18 months of teachers and parents.

Little adjustments made for remote learning.

ECHPs parents are greater aware of support available. More engagement from parents. The tribunal rates are very high for EHCP plan. I hope you enjoy the short podcast.

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