Future of exams using computers

Future of exams using computers

The Uk Government commissions a report on the future of exams using computers. The next few blog posts will be about the deployment of computer based exams in secondary schools. Focussing on the GCSE and A level cohorts. While this will also have implications to private Candidates, home educated, excluded or adult learners across the exams.


This report is just out. While we take time to digest the contents. There will be an over arching theme. Exam boards and schools are hesitate to change. The change to computer based exams both opens up huge disruption to the status quo of exam delivery. Plus there will be added pressure to cut costs. While running computer based exams are by their nature lower in HR than pen and paper exams.

Before we further study the findings there is evidence in the acknowledgement that does not have much weight to the private sector that receive most of the recruits that use the grades generated from the assessments and exams.

The following organisations participated in the Ofqual workshop.

Alpha Plus Consultancy AQA Association of Schools and College Leaders BTL Group Ltd E-assessment Association Federation of Awarding Bodies Girls School Association Joint Council of Qualifications NASUWT National Association of Headteachers National Education Union Pearson Education Ltd RM Results (RM plc) Standards and Testing Agency Tata Consulting Services TestReach Ltd WJEC-CBAC Ltd