GCSE exams might be scrapped in the summer of 2021

GCSE exams might be scrapped in the summer of 2021

The Welsh exams regulator has suggested GCSE exams might be scrapped. Replaced by continual coursework assessments for the summer of 2021.

The Exam House is dead against coursework and class tests as a form of assessment.

Qualifications Wales said using class-based tests would be the fairest option for pupils . While for A levels learners would need to sit one exam paper per subject in addition to coursework and set tasks.

We think it is will be most toxic. Here is our piece on the mistakes of 2020.

The Scots are quick to take a similar line with their GCSEs.

The Exam House thinks GCSE should be scrapped and replaced with 0 forms of public exams.

Currently GCSE exams are three weeks later than usual. However, cancelling contingency plans are being announced in November.

All the unions want to cancel the exams. As this will continue to bring the teachers more power. While ignoring the need for suitable exam assessment. They want top marks for everyone without a shadow of doubt of teacher grade anaysls.

Our prediction that the Welsh and Scots will again cancel not just GCSE but A levels too

Association of School and College Leaders' general secretary Geoff Barton said the varying school attendance figures should "ring alarm bells" for ministers.

"There is no way that it can be business as normal if a third of pupils were unable to attend school in some areas of the country, while in other areas attendance is over 90%.

"If the government wants to save next year's exams series, and stop it falling into complete disarray, it has to stop shilly-shallying and get a grip of this matter."

While if pupils are working from home. We think surely the exam room with its' social distancing at its heart. Is a perfect place for assessment.


In the Autumn of 2020, attendance levels at English secondary schools were as low as 61% in Knowsley, 67% in Liverpool and 70% in Rochdale.

Wales attendance levels varied from 81% in Merthyr Tydfil and Denbighshire to 93% in Ceredigion and 94% in Monmouthshire.

Note, The Exam House, along with its tutor partners, will do everything we can to keep exams open. Even going to the high court. Which we hope is our last line in defense.

We strongly believe in the full array should be available in the autumn of 2021.