How will AI effect exams

This topic is too big for a short blog post. However, what we do know is Ai will be very good for helping teachers develop mid school exams. How AI changes chartered exams like A levels and GCSEs is set to be a much bigger project.

Technology and artificial intelligence can improve the range of assessments the qualifications industry uses to guide students in their learning and suitable exams.

Despite the often-negative discussion about testing in schools, exams and assessments are a necessary and useful tool in the learning process.

Including diagnostic and formative mid year tests, which give teachers real-time direction for what pupils need to learn to grasp the course content.

Particularly benefit teaching and learning, as there is growing recognition in the field of psychology that tests help students learn.

Sometimes called the testing effect, this theory suggests that low-stakes quizzes help students gain knowledge—and improve instruction.

This is where Ai will be the most suitable in the short term.