internal exams for their GCSE and A level results

According to a new snap polling, few schools will reply solely on internal exams for their GCSE and A level results.

The scene is set for yet another year of total mis management of GCSE and A level exams.

although most schools in England say exams will be a key part of the the range of ways they will grade GCSEs and A levels this year.

By giving schools the responsibility of grading for GCSe and A Levels it undermines the clear relationship between learning and grading. While the GCSe and A level boards are totally separate from schools.

The poll by Association of School and College Leaders :

7% of their members would rely entirely on exams or test “sat in exam-style conditions” to assess final grades.

While schools and exam centres will have to provide the exam candidates work for inspection within 2 days of asking.

There was a fear that some schools would love exams and others under exams. Giving parents a big headache with in built disadvantages.

Ofqual and the Department for Education have given schools, colleges and exam centres wide latitude and broad guidelines in how they make assessments to produce grades.

Of the 500 head teachers and exam centres .53 % felt they would award grades on an array of test and non exam evidence.

“greater weighting” given to the exam papers.

while 26% said they would give roughly equal weight to exams and other areas of study.

GCSE and A level exams 2021

While private schools appear to be producing a lot of their attention onto exams for their GCSe grades.