International exam candidates including IGCSE

International exam candidates including IGCSE may have to wait to go to university if they test positive for COVID.

While it could mean IGCSE exam candidates could have to sit their IGCSES in the autumn term of 2021. While starting the A level years.

Currently it able to complement a component part of a course. Such as an oral or a practical. They are eligible to apply to receive a centre assessed grades instead of the full grade.

If unable to sit any component of their course and may miss out on an assessed grade - and so have to wait a year to get their exam results.

If a student completes no components, they will not receive an assessed grade. “We cannot calculate an assessed mark […] where a candidate has not completed any A-level components in the exam series,” Cambridge International states.

Now, new guidance issued this week for the forthcoming exam series has confirmed that any student who tests positive for Covid-19 cannot attend an exam centre and there will be no alternative way for them to sit this exam.

This is just another way of restricting access to higher education using the cartel of exam boards.