optimism with exams summer 2021

How did the exams get here in the summer of 2021.

Optimisim in exams 2021

We did not expect to still be talking about the pandemic. While this time last year no one dreamed that 2021 would have a full suite of cancelled exams. This has been the most challenging of years for all of the GCSE and A Level industry. While professional exams have continued the secondary school GCSE and A level exams have been under the influence of unions.

Different schools and different countries continued to tackle the pandemic in different ways. While some even had public exams outside.

Clearly this astroid hit that has been the pandemic gives us a huge opportunity to change. We strongly believe exams are the simplest and fairest exams methodology for assessments. With the alternative of continued assessment toxic for pupils. While the opportunity to sit exams should be more often through the year.

Bringing exams closer to the needs of the pupils and exam candidates. Rather than the schools and colleges they are learning in. Effectively making candidates private exam candidates.

There is a lot of room for optimism. We hope here at the Exam House we can share this optimism. Do reach out if you have any questions or thoughts about the years ahead.