Scrapping GCSES

Is the point of exams really about signalling to universities and employers? If so what is the point of GCSES? Exams that are mid way through their secondary education.

With pupils who need these exams and qualifications not to understand the world, but to make their way in it? Are exams just the door? Rather than the side car of learning?

Is education about the idea that the job at hand of schools is help students pass exams and the doors to a better future?

While here at the Exam House, we believe that GCSES should be scrapped. Here is a previously article on perhaps the beginning of this mammouth change.

A short and frequent opportunity to take computer based tests around Maths and Literacy would transform the pupils school experience. Its blindly obviously that

Requiring 16-year-olds to sit as much as 30 hours of high-stakes career defining written exams – when they are further required to stay in school, college or education for at least another two years anyway is pointless.

Scrap GCSEs and turn them into base checking computer based exams in Maths and English.