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The CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test Fourth Edition) is a standardised assessment developed by GL Assessment, primarily used in the UK and Ireland. It measures four primary areas of cognitive functioning: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and spatial reasoning, hence the acronym CAT4.

The verbal reasoning section tests a student's ability to express ideas and reason through words, effectively measuring their English language skills and the capacity for critical thinking. The non-verbal reasoning component, in contrast, involves solving problems using shapes and patterns, thereby gauging a student's capacity to think and solve problems independently of language skills.

Quantitative reasoning tests the ability to use numerical skills to solve problems, providing a measure of a student's numerical and logical thinking. Lastly, the spatial reasoning section examines the ability to visualise and mentally manipulate 2D and 3D shapes, indicative of potential skills in fields like design, architecture, or engineering.

The CAT4 is not a content-based test, but an aptitude test. It does not assess what a student has learnt but rather their potential to learn and problem-solve. This is achieved through a diverse set of questions that push students to think outside the box, thus showcasing their reasoning abilities.

Scores from the CAT4 are often used by schools to develop personalised learning plans, group students by ability, and identify students who may benefit from additional support. The CAT4 is a powerful tool for understanding a student's potential, but like any test, it only provides a snapshot and should be used in conjunction with other assessments and teacher observations.