The future of exam taking=

The Exam blog is deeply interested in the the future of exam taking

Schools increasingly are finding that the extraordinary requirements of pupils to fit GCSE and A level exams make it impossible to serve all pupils the opportunity to sit exams. The blog posts sets out to explore why and how we build a better system. For both secondary school exams and professional exams.

If one can cast one minds back 15 years ago. There were camera phones in pupils pockets. Now they are everywhere. The opportunity for cheating has sky rocketed. Whereas before photo information couldn't be sent without some laborious process. Now a photo of exam paper can be disseminated across the networks in seconds. Immediately the integrity of the public exam is exponentially threatened at the point of exam taking.

Exam boards have responded by increasing the pressure on schools for complex security arrangements while schools have reduced the chance of pupils who need extra arrangements. From physically disabled to needing extra time. This has resulted in more pupils missing their opportunity to take exams and in part fall out of exam taking all together.

The future of exam taking

The Exam House was set up to help meet the demand for pupils who would not or choose not otherwise be able to sit the exams in schools or colleges. Unlike these institutions who invariably require you to sit a whole year before taking the exam, helping with ID checks and to have good understanding of the pupil to give predictive grades. the Exam House is focused on the exam taking.

The Exam House aims to build a focused team of exam officers where private candidates can come and complete their diet of exams without having sat through the year at the college or school.