What makes an excellent online teacher?

‘What makes an excellent online teacher? is a difficult question to answer. We note some points to consider:

‘What makes an excellent online teacher?

Teaching is hard. Whether you are teaching online or in a classroom. Working out effectiveness of this teaching is even harder. A lot of people get confused. Thinking that teaching assessment is easy online. We have just started on the journey of teaching online.

Our estimation is the act of turning up to a classroom is more powerful than a lot of commentators think. While for a lot of reasons online learning suits certain individuals. E.g. Alternative provision online.

So if the act of turning up to a classroom radically improves the teaching. It has nothing to do with the teacher. Nor what the teacher can control.

What are some of the key skills for online teaching:

Getting the focus from the pupils both in a classroom and online is the principle skill. Without this no teaching can go ahead. Getting to know the pupils and communicating with the parents and care givers is another key aspect. Getting to know the support network around them. When you are teaching online It is harder to get to know your pupils if these fundamentals are ignored. Especially if the pupils are on or close to be on alternative provision.

Why is the network of the pupil's communication so key?

As online is more often or not in the pupils home. Some homes are more chaotic than others. With a wide range of distractions. Understanding this and communicating with the parents and care givers about the pupils environment is key to success. There are lots of things to consider. Does the pupil have a calm room or good enough wifi? Or even a computer access with speaker?

What makes an ineffective online teacher?

Online teaching is no different for traditional classroom teaching/

It maybe in an environment that is a different environment.

The tools at hand are different but a proficient teacher is going to recognise those learning opportunities and maximise their use.

What lessons can teachers take from their experience with online learning?

Valung the ease of understanding the different learning styles in real face to face teaching. One has to work harder online to understand the pupils.

Cameras often leads to an indication of certain types of behaviour which in a classroom could be very different.

he online learning has forced teachers to use more assessment tools more frequently to engage pupils – typically polls, interactive activities, and recording themselves –

Once you know the different types of learning it is easy to draw on the tools at hand. E.g. polls. While eliminating the cost of using a photocopier.

Teachers can take this low no photocopier transition that into face to face teaching going forward

For some pupils, learning through their friends and co hort in the classroom is key. This group of people are the biggest losers of the online learning of 2021.

The full online learning that happened in 2020 had winners and losers.

Plenty of pupils have not thrived with others have totally thrived in this brave new world.

What makes a good online teacher