Our state of the art centre in the heart of Coventry, Warwickshire provides GCSE and A level exam preparation along with Exam Centre in Warwickshire.

We believe this gives pupils get the best chance of getting the highest grade in GCSE or A level with the least amount of school time. Fast and Effective. While the Exam House runs exams across the GCSE & A level exam boards. We provide the best possible preparation to sit the exams.

The Exam House, Coventry GCSE & A level tutors and exam centre

  • 94 % of our pupils pass G

    Coventry exam centre

    CSE and A Levels above C Grade.

  • 100 % pupils show strong growth in their GCSE and A level grade predictions

  • 80 % of pupils remain with us through to secondary support from GCSE to A level.

  • Our OFSTED registered Bedford GCSE & A level tutors and exam centre is an excellent learning environment with small classes  and a focussed atmosphere.

  • All of our lessons are tutor lead and paper based with our resources that go beyond the curriculum and exam mark scheme.

  • We aim for our pupils to have been stretched in their learning

     Other tuition centres include St Albans and High Wycombe Tuition centres adding to our list.