ACCA and the future of professional training

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ACCA and the future of professional training

The future of professional training in a post pandemic world.

With the disruption at secondary school level. It is sometimes easy to ignore how the professions are changing in response to the pandemic.

Rush, the founder of ACCA Rush Resources tuition centre. Rush has worked closely with ACCA and ACA students to guide to through the exams. Given the pandemic and how we learn. Rush has felt the learning online has been successful. The zoom model can be quite immersive and effective.

The ACCA computer based exams include:

FA1 Recording Financial Transactions MA1 Management Information FA2 Maintaining Financial Records MA2 Managing Costs and Finance FBT Business and Technology FMA Management Accounting FFA Financial Accounting

Business and Technology (BT) Management Accounting (MA) Financial Accounting (FA) Corporate and Business Law (LW) – ENG & GLO

Rush says the personal touch is somewhat lost.

The initiation of the zoom is feeling somewhat robot. It helps to have the physical presence for encouragement. This is fundamental. The rapport with the tutor and student is critical is fast learning. While zoom goes some way in helping. What is missed is the rapport with the ACCA candidates. The Magic is lost.