Elon Musk Neurolink universities

Elon Musk Neurolink universities

The Exam House Exam blog has watched Elon Musks rise along with his predictions. It has made Exam blog think about the future.

There is a clear parallel between the rise of mobile phones and the challenges the current school system faces, especially universities and exams. What happens beyond the hill, according to Elon is we begin to implant the phone into our brains. Removing the handset all together. He currently working on and co found a company called Neuro link. Although it is space age, it is actually highly logically. If the mobile interface can be screened internally. The inside of the mind becomes a mobile platform.

it is exciting cross roads. As the inside of the mind becomes a lecture hall. The high quality youtube lectures of Jordon Peterson displayed when ever you want. Along with the 5G connection the idea of studying for a degree in a lecture hall will seen to be remarkably backward.

The virus threat we have today is accelerating this future. Where large gathering of individuals specifically inside is a threat to the greater population. Fast forwarding the demand for innovation in the mind.

Internal neurolinks to stream knowledge into your mind, Immediate data with 5G plus and the removal of the ‘gathering of adults as an event’ becomes the norm now awaits us.

Finally the universities and exams will get their disruption and access arrangements for exams will be turned on its head.