Exam faqs

Exam FAQs

- What are the fees for each exam?

See our latest exam fees

- Does the fee cover certificate sending ?

There is a small fee of £5 for certificate sending  

- Can you do any exams online?


- Can you signpost to any centres closer to me? 

Unfortunately not.

- Will we get refunded/what is the process if exams are cancelled again due to Covid

Please refer to our terms and conditions. In the case of COVID we will be able to transfer your payment to the next exam season or supply CAGs.  

- What is the process if I need to cancel the exams?

Please cancel before entry has been made, if you do not then an admin fee will be charged. Full details can be found in our terms and conditions. (link)

- Can you assess my coursework? Can I do the practical exam?

We can assess written coursework components, however we cannot facilitate practical science examinations. IGCSEs are a good option for those students who do not have access to a practical centre. 

 - When is the deadline for registering?

The initial deadline for Summer 2022 is in February. However you can still register after this date, though late fees will be incurred. Please refer to our pricing list.

- Do you also provide teaching/tuition?

Yes! We have an excellent selection of qualified tutors that will be able to support you in your exam preparation. 

- What is the fast track course?

This is a tailored course that we can work around your schedule. You will work with one of our tutors to complete your course and the cost of the exam will be included in this price. 

- Where is the centre?

Chesham High Street - 128 High Street, Chesham, HP5 1EB

- When will I get my results following the exam?

Results will be issued on the official results day via email. Certificates will be available for collection eight weeks following the release of your exam results. 

- Can you give predicted grades?

Yes. You must work with one of our tutors in order for us to facilitate this, as we must have a working relationship issue these grades to UCAS/ colleges.

- How do I put you through as an exam centre on UCAS?

 We have a key word for UCAS