half of all A level candidates get As in their A levels

Almost half of the A-level results awarded A or A* as grade inflation reaches record high

A total of 44.8 per cent of grades in the UK were awarded either an A or A*, up from 38.5 per cent in 2020 and 25.5 per cent in 2019

The Joke that is the 2021 A level results continues at a pace. Driven by unions demands to close schools and then drive teacher assessed grades. The results are just a wonderful reason to drive the revolution that needs happen.

Half of all students get an A or A* this year. Double the proportion of top marks compared to before the pandemic. This is a joke beyond measure.

The last time they took formal exams 25 percent got an A.

Teacher assessed grades along with the majority of course work does not work. As we have clearly shown in the 2021 fiasco.

What is the point of A levels any more?

While we predicted this A level grade inflation in the previous blog.

A level results 2021

19 % of A level exam candidates in the UK were awarded an A*,

Up fro 14.3 % last year.

Double the 7.8 % in 2019.

Have the cohorts got smarter and the teaching better? Or have we just given up on any form of formal testing.

25.7 % of exam candidates were given an A. Rising from 24 % last year. While it was 17% in 2019 the last time exams were formally sat.

Gavin Williamson who had apparently no hand in cancelling exams, has defended this year's A-level results saying that pupils “deserve to be rewarded".

Surely pupils who sit exams being rewarded is mutually exclusive from their public exam results like A levels?

A level results 2021