Hong Kong parents are applying to UK Grammar Schools

Hong Kong parents are applying to UK Grammar Schools

There has been a sharp rise in the number of enquiries to UK Grammar schools from Hong Kong.

The future of the Hong Kong zeitgeist might well find a home around the UK grammar School system. While at the same time transforming parts of the UK .

Ever since Boris increased the length of time Hong Kong passport holders can stay in the UK, this has led to the opportunity of application to UK schools. The Grammar school selective system suits Hong Kong parents. Who mostly believe in state selection at 11.

According to Julianna Yau from Ampla Education. A Education Consultancy firm in Hong Kong. Helping parents make the right choice.

Previously before this change the Hong Kong parents could only apply to UK private and independent schools according to the limited visa.

Now with this change of visa status this has drastically lowered the financial bar for Hong Kong parents who wish to send their children to a UK school. Now they can still have one foot in Hong Kong and apply to UK state selective Grammar Schools.

Hong Kong parents are applying to UK Grammar School

Improving their chances of entrance success as less confined to geography within the UK. i.e. They are likely to move to near the accepting Grammar schools and where their child has passed the local 11 plus or other entrance exams. (N.B. The Exam House provides Exam Centre services)

Property prices around Grammar Schools in the UK are a somewhat cheaper than they are in Hong Kong.

It would not be unreasonable to see a lot of Hong Kong middle income earners who previously would not think about moving because of the prohibitive cost and visas. Picking themselves up and with their new rights move to the UK close to a grammar school.

You can expect this glow of growth to begin to develop around the counties that have kept their Grammar Schools such as Buckinghamshire. As these Hong Kong parents, mostly who had UK style schooling in Hong Kong now see the UK as part of their own education system.

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It will not be too long before 11 plus Grammar School prep firms like Bright Young Things start to pop up in Hong Kong.

This is an excellent development and will only drive investment into the UK. Hard working ambitious Hong Kong parents and children will begin to make their life here in the UK’s elite state education system being the draw.

Listen here to the interview of Julianna Yau.

Surely this pretty good argument for the growing the number of Grammar schools in the UK!