Private Candidates A level and GCSE ofqual Statistics

Private Candidates A level and GCSE ofqual Statistics

We have asked, through a freedom of information request. A range of data concerning the volume of private candidates for both GCSE and A levels. We have had a reply from Ofqual. Below we have copied the data to share with our readers.

A level private candidates Ofqual

GCSE Private candiates ofqual



Please note:


  • Data is for England only, all age groups

  • The data that we hold relates to individuals that have been identified as private candidates by their centre – so this relies on the centre providing the information to the exam board.

  • The data for summer/autumn 2020 is based on entry data while the data for summer 2019 is based on results data. It is possible that some entries will have been withdrawn following submission of the entry data so the 2020 data can only be considered an estimate of how many results were issued to private candidates.

  • For the autumn 2020 data it is possible that some centres will have identified candidates as private for this exam series even if they entered with the same centre in summer 2020 and were not considered a private candidate then. This might over-estimate the number of private candidates in the autumn.

  • The figures are calculated separately for each exam series and subject so if individuals who have entered more than one subject and in more than one exam series will be counted multiple times.


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