Summer 2021 exam guidance

Summer 2021 exam guidance

Guidance for Ofqual, Pearson, OCR and Cambridge International for GCSE and A level exams

Ofqual Regulated Qualifications


GCSEs, AS and A levels exams have been cancelled. Ofqual are going through a consultation which is due to be released in the next few days . Once the new development has has been agreed by the regulated exam boards we at the Exam House will be able to give guidance to candidates.

If you are thinking of switching from IGCSEs to GCSES you need to be careful about the evidence that you maybe required to support the grading and anything else that may be required to ensure you achieve the grade you deserve.

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Pearson International IGCSE’s

The Current January exams are running to go ahead as usual. Good luck for all those exam candidates.

Pearson have also announced that the summer 2020 international GCSEs are running. The reason being is the IGCSE is more popular with home school learner and private candidates who are outside of school. Plus IGCSEs are popular internationally in many jurisdictions that have not cancelled 2021 exams. 

Cambridge International run unregulated GCSES and A Levels. Means they are not bound by Ofqual decisions. 

Cambridge International have produced a press release.  We have copied part of it below. 

We work with schools in 160 countries and most of our schools are telling us they want to run exams in June 2021 and expect to be able to do so, in line with guidance from their national and regional authorities.

We continue to prepare for the March and June series to go ahead. We believe that schools in most countries outside the UK, will want to proceed with exams as planned. We will continue to monitor the situation for the March and June 2021 series very closely and keep our schools informed but we expect exams to continue as planned where it is permitted and safe. Our priority continues to be to keep students safe and to make sure they can progress with their education.

With regard to our schools in the UK, Cambridge International will be monitoring the decisions being taken on June exams and working closely with the UK Department for Education and Ofqual. We will share further details as soon as possible.

OCR have come out with a press release below.

All GCSE, AS and A Level exams in summer 2021 are cancelled

  • Students will instead receive grades based on a form of teacher assessment

  • Training and support will be provided to teachers to ensure teacher-assessed grades ‘are awarded fairly and consistently across the country’

  • Details will need to be fine-tuned in collaboration with Ofqual, the exam boards and teaching organisations

  • Ofqual will launch a 14 day consultation next week to get feedback from the sector

  • Results may be issued early to allow more time for appeals, resits and university admissions.