When does your A-level results come out?

When does your A-level results come out?

Tuesday 10 August 2021 is the day!

wha time does A level results come in

How and what time to pick up results - Remember it is Covid time so please be careful There will not be any hugging other exam candidates as usual! We have to be covid safe/

A level exam candidates are able to collect their A-level results after 8am on results day - when they're released by the exam boards. Our office will be open from 9am.

UCAS get your A-level results directly- typically around 8am. Be warned the systems and phones will be busy so if you are calling please be patience

While you can't add a Clearing choice using UCAS Track until 3pm on the 10th August.

To make sure you've had enough time to think about your options

Note: By getting in touch with universities earlier i.e today, you can attempt to sort out and add courses for UCAS Track.

The official Clearing list will then be displayed in the UCAS search tool.

Do I need to take anything?

Mobile phone, note pad and a pen.

Check Web sites including news sites throughout the day

  • your personal statement and GCSE results.

  • Can you get someone else to represent you:

a parent or guardian, who can access UCAS Track - making changes on your behalf. Make sure they have access to the UCAS Track. It can go very wrong if they do not. Please speak to UCAs to make sure they have the right permissions.

Get the space to learn and grow

For Clearing, the choice is York. Book a pre-results online chat


When do universities get my results?

Only exams office staff and heads can view A-level results before they're widely released to candidates on Monday 9 August 2021.

From 12.01am on the day before - with the Wednesday known as restricted release day - results are available from exam boards such as the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) and OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA).

However, at this stage, these results must be treated as confidential by universities and exam offices.