Computer Based Exams

The Exam House is uniquely placed to provide a platform for the progressive development of computer based exams in Secondary school.


The Exam House is exploring the avenues of opportunity that computer and device development present in front of the education industry. Working with partners, developing plans and strategies to push the development of computer based exams further into secondary school and professional exam taking.

UPDATE: We are now qualified to run ACCA Computer Based Exams

ACCA exam centre

The Exam House’s history is the deployment of GCSE and A level exams to non school learners. The exams are wholly deployed with the old fashioned paper and pen, seasonal and massive scale that come with national secondary school exams.

We have began to develop a strategy to find a pathway of discovery of successful deployment with computer based exams at GCSE and A level age.

There has been attempts in various jurisdictions around the world providing case studies on the successes and failures of adaption of computer based exams in secondary school. While at the same time improving access to education.


While further lessons can also be learnt in the professional exams. Be it with the accountancy industry or medical profession. The computer based exams are a common theme amongst the professional bodies.

Marrying the two will bring huge benefits for the wider society as a whole.


Below are a number of blog posts discussing the range of challenges faced with deploying computer based exams.

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