Exams in own room

Exams in own room

We often get requests from GCSE and A level exam candidates to sit the exams in their own room.

The reasons are wide. Including anxiety, immune suppression conditions, scribes, readers. What ever the access arrangements stipulates.

Plus any EHC plan requirements for own room in exams. The old fashioned and still practiced large school exam halls for a lot of GCSEs and A level exam candidates can be both intimidating and off putting. As the range of conditions in the access arrangements have become to be recognised. The need for own room exams has increased.

Here at the. Exam House, we specialise on delivery a quality exam experience what ever the exam candidate requires.

There is an alternative to large exam halls


The recent pandemic has increased the pressure of the number of special requirements that SENDCO and alternative arrangement exam candidates need. Our mission statement is Access to Exams. This includes providing own room solutions to GCSE and A level exam candidates.

The own room exam room needs to be exactly the same as any other exam room. As if it has more than one exam candidate in it. Including invigilator, Posters, clock, desk numbers and seating plan.

Get in touch to discuss your exam requirements . Especially for own rooms.

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