What is the value of A level science practical endorsement

What is the value of A level science practical endorsement

What is the value of a level science practical endorsement in a pandemic?

This is something that has been troubling the Exam House of late. Entry to science based degree courses need to show a level science practical endorsement on their A level certificates. Which require around 12 experiments. The candidates are judged on the following :

Follow written procedures

Investigative approaches and methods when using laboratory instruments and equipment

Safety at the heart of Lab work:

Lab Observation

Reference, Researching and Reporting

With the end goal to to develop Key important transferable skills that will help with your degree study and which include:

  • Observation

  • Analysing results

  • Evaluating your own work and that of others

  • Testing out theories and ideas which you have developed

  • Developing problem solving strategies

  • Developing team work and taking responsibility

  • Communicating ideas and results with peers and teachers

  • Developing confidence to learn independently and to question the world around you


The next few blogs is going to look at the alliterative solutions. There is no doubt that practical skills are important. However, perhaps virtual learning part of the skills. While giving universities more of a role might well produce a better outcome. An outcome of more science exams being taken at A level. Even if the numbers at university stay the same.

Not to mention the wide variation every year on guidance. If we removed this then schools can focus on delivering high quality lessons. Leaving lab work to the universities .